Malfunctioning Ideas

by Aberration

ImageHave you ever had an idea that you thought was going to work and when you tried it, you for sure thought it would work but it didn’t? Well I had that experience, I was on a deadline in creating an ad for a company called Enterprise which helps promote small business so that they can get the recognition that they want. I had two weeks to come up with an idea to help promote cat food, the business name is Helping Animals, what an ironic name because everyone want so help animals. Well in this case, my head was pounding trying to find a way to advertise cat food. Three days went by, still thinking and still blank. Although on the fourth day, I had some inspiration when I came across some cats in the alleyway scavenging for food. I could use alley cats in the ad to help get my point across. “Helping Hands are needed For Animals”, that’s what they gave me to work with.  I illustrated cats in the alleyway and someone going in to feed them and take them in/embracing them with love and compassion. By the next Monday, I handed in my work and they congratulated me because no one could have done this assignment. They gave it to the most creative person in the office, which was me. My head still felt a little overwhelmed but I got through it. So just when an exploding light bulb occurs in your head and you are running out of ideas, find some ideas on the outside world.