Creative Ideas

by Aberration

The way I get my creative ideas is how just by looking outside or looking around my house. If I see something in nature or even on the internet that I think would be amazing if I recreated it, I try to create a whole new idea with three or four ideas put together to make one larger idea. Anything can be an inspiration for creating something beautiful. You just have to figure out what you can do with it. My favorite thing to do is to create intricate line drawing that could be used to embellish something that is already made, create art works or even body art.  Anything can be made into an amazing work of art; it is just how the person sees the art and how they understand it. That is the best thing about art, people can have different impressions on the art work and it can give the artist different opinions and can help the artist create new ideas.
    Thinking of new ideas for designs takes time and inspiration. Listening to music does help get the creative juices flowing especially when you are on a deadline. The way you can become great at a specific style of drawing is tracing. Tracing over designs or figures you are interested in drawing is a great way to begin in the drawing field. I started to trace tattoo designs then I would modify it and change it to the specific design I want. Once you get memory muscle from tracing the same type of drawing over and over again, you will be able to start to draw freehand. Another way I learned to draw well was to observe videos, read about techniques, doodle, take art classes, drawing from memory and drawing in the moment. It’s great to start mini projects type of art form. You will almost always get new ideas once starting a mini project. The best thing to do is write it down, gather some references and plan it out. So once you’re finished with your mini project you have another to start. This will give you the practice and hopefully improve your skills.Image