Help Part One: after a shoot, how do you keep from having to go through thousands of photos when editing?

by Aberration

How many of you all have to go through hundreds to thousands of photos after every shoot? That’s because you are taking too many damn photos!! When doing a shoot, you don’t want to keep clicking away hoping to capture the models every movement. You are in control of the model, you tell them what to do, where to move, what personality to have and how to dress. If you lack those instructions, the models will not give you what you want. Instead, you will get the opposite of what you want, nasty looking photos and a bunch of them. Many photographers have learned the hard way especially me. My first shoot was a disaster, i knew nothing about doing a shoot, this was 3 years ago from now. It was a shoot for one of my friends who needed some photos done so that she can send them to an art institute, well let me tell you, doing that shoot was like pulling teeth. I had no idea that you had to tell them what to wear, how to position them, etc. I was like a sitting duck pretty much. It took me a while to find ways for them to pose and how to set them up, most of the time i was on my phone trying to find way to help me get through that shoot. So before every shoot that you do, plan it out first. Know the location, weather, how you will set up, how many pictures of each pose you will do, what kind of poses you will have them perform, and what settings you will use for the majority of the shoot depending on the weather. When you finally shoot, when taking the pictures you should check them every five shots or so and make sure that they satisfy you and the client. So when you go back to edit them, you wont have 5,000 photos to go through and find out whats good and what’s bad and then go through it to edit them. So be cautious and plan before you shoot.Image