What’s On Your Mind As You Wait?

by Aberration

What's On Your Mind As You Wait?

what’s on your mind as you wait for the train to take you to your destination? You have two hours to spare and your mind is just going crazy because you are noticing things that you have never noticed before. You see people coming and going, happy, sad, or mixed emotions. You see the babies crying because they are hungry or they just really hate the train rides. Eventually your mind moves on from people to nature, you think about how long this train station has been here serving to help people with easier transportation. You look at the brick, limestone, and try to figure what has been here the longest and what has been renovated to make it safe for the people. The windows all of a sudden seem to grab your interest because they are like any other windows you have seen in any other train station. You wonder how long they have been here, probably for centuries. The walkway has been renovated but was not finished, well maybe the renovators got tired and took a break or the station had not more money to fix the rest. Then you go on to thinking about why in the hell am I here again, oh wait yeah, I’m on my way to a wedding or to visit someone. Should I get off at the second to last stop and take a taxi or should I wait it out to the last stop? Then you sit there trying to figure it out, while at the same time your thinking about the football, basketball or tennis game that came on last night. Your favorite team lost and just thinking about it makes you very upset. The people walking pass you while you are waiting for train sees the facial expression you have of frustration and clueless. They sit next to you and wonder are you ok? Well maybe I should start a conversation, they sit there for a while trying to find a way to start a conversation. Your train just arrived but the person sitting next to you trying to find a way to talk to you does not know that. So the train finally comes and they say Hi because that’s the only thing they can think of while you are standing up and making your way to the train on your way to your destination.