Kids In The Summer

by Aberration

Friends Swimming Underwater in Backyard Pool

Seeing the kids in the summer can be breathe taken and exhausting because of the amount of energy that they have that we adults do not have. Children are the most joyful little creatures that we have, they love the cake, ice cream, sweets, and all the sugary products they can get their hands on. As I am writing this entry, I am sitting at the pool in Claksville, MD and there are a lot of kids that are running around having fun, the parents are enjoying themselves and having cookouts. Little kids running around making new friends, yelling and screaming, having the lifeguards think “why me!!” Meanwhile I am typing this looking at my surroundings wishing I had my camera to capture these moments. Seeing them play makes me want to jump in the pool myself, although writing this entry seems to grab my interest even more. So my point saying, take your kids out or go hang out with the people you love. Enjoy the summer, have an awesome time.