College Days

by Aberration


Freshman’s moving on with their lives entering college to partake in programs and studies so that they can have the education they need to go into the field of their interest. It is hard being a freshman in college because it is a new atmosphere and different from high school. So to make sure that you don’t feel alone, the best way to start off being successful is to make friends starting with your roommate.  A relationship with the roommate can help you along the way. And of course, go to at least two parties a year because if you go every weekend, then you become accustomed to it. which bings me to my next point, create a schedule, have a planner with you. You don’t want to be so unorganized that you can’t even find a pencil or find the homework that you did last night. Take advantage of every resource that is available you. Understand and comprehend this, you are paying money for your classes, this is not free education so work hard play later.

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