MBFWA Wrap Up.

by Aberration

Fashion week came to an end last night in spectacular style. As the final runway closed it’s curtains, we heard a sigh of relief from fashionista’s as they kicked off their heels and let down their hair. The carriage works played host to over 40 shows, of which the Promo team were there for 22 of them front row, up close and personal.

The standout this year was the coveted Aurellio Costarella who wowed the celebrity strong crowd with his amazing collection of feathered embroidery creations, and a multicoloured pallet which we saw a stand out bright orange two piece which made us sigh with envy. The collection was a mixture of his signature fitted dresses, belted at the waist and long figure hugging gowns.

Zhivago used a lot of metallics, and crystals encased in their designs this year. We saw pleated skirts, tight dresses and outfits that shone from miles away. They had an 80’s inspired vibe to the clothing with shoulder pads and platforms making their way down the runway. Fortunately the combination worked. We grabbed an interview backstage with model Fatima from New York who was flown down for the show, and gave us the inside scoop on the next big trend; think neon colour and bold statement pieces.

The designer who impressed us the most however, was Ophelié. Showing in the Raffles Showcase for emerging and up & comers their collection was dramatic, striking, bold and symmetric. Based on the Japenese Yakuza clan, the designers took their inspiration from folk tales and Japan’s dark history. The oriental designs mixed with couture elements left us wanting more. The long black coats with golden prints paired with sleek body suits and deconstructed dresses was a winning combination. Based in Beijing the pair flew down for the event, and we are hailing them as the next big thing.

The event was not without it’s fair share of controversy with Alex Perry, Kahlo and Carla Zampatti all slammed for their choice of models. The girls were under fire for their shockingly thin appearance which kept the media storm alive and saw Perry bow under the pressure issuing a public apology. Many of the models had just returned from Paris and New York fashion week, in which they are encouraged to maintain a slim figure.

The Carriage works served the event well, with 3 locations located within it’s walls which saw everyone scrambling from one end to the other to make the next runway. To add to the chaos many shows were delayed by up to an hour, and guests having to slide past an onslaught of photographers to take their seat often getting snapped on the way.

Now that it’s over we can kick back and relax (almost), and hit the after parties to toast to the stylish week that was.


Photography credits; Mike Robinson;ImageImageImage