by Aberration


Sara G. Marti

Having been proclaimed as one of New York’s top fifty street photographers, Jesse Wright will make you stop and think with his unique style. Capturing moments which most us would by pass, his focus is on candid shots that encapsulate raw human emotion in everyday life.

Wright creates interesting stories with subjects that are typically overlooked, ignored or taken for granted. What makes him so unique is the way he achieves this goal. Using camera’s that are “less than professional” such as his iPhone, which is what he started out with at the beginning of his photography experimentation.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a PhD in Bacterial Genetics, photography was more of a byproduct of his work as a scientist, which has long since evolved into something more personal. Much like his experiments, his photographs are taken with purpose and curiosity. They are a means of studying his immediate environment and a tool into taking a closer look around him. Every photograph he takes holds a story. He uses photography as a means of expressing his views of the world and the interactions between subjects, especially humans in their current environments. Particularly fascinating, aside from his studies of various, clearly captured elements, are his images that he deliberately chooses to leave with a certain lack of focus in various degrees. The level of blurriness seems to leave the story with a greater realm of interpretation for the audience. This is where his artistic communication becomes more abstract, holding a new kind of beauty all of its own.

“I am drawn to candid street photography. I like the challenge and total lack of control of photographing on the street. You’re always operating on the edge of complete failure. Maybe it is some existential thing I struggle with about my own perception of control. Perhaps one might react by attempting to control those things that we can, but the process of photographing on the street is in essence surrendering all control. And that turns me on.

On the street, any moment can be something, and my goal to find out what happens when you put four edges around it. That’s all. There’s not a story or a message or a narrative I am trying to convey. I am only trying to see if I can make a picture that is more interesting or beautiful than the moment itself. There is no motive for me beyond that.”

Jesse Wright has referred to himself as a “lapsed scientist”, though I personally know that the love of science will never leave the artist.

We are both delighted, and excited to keep up with Jesse’s future work. If you’d like to take a closer look at some of the work that he has in his collection, please visit –