by Aberration


Boris Bidjan Saberi

Mike Robinson

With his striking signature monochromatic palette, Boris Bidjan Saberi’s menswear designs invoke colorful adventures infused with the style and grace of his impeccable craftsmanship. Shown to rave reviews in Paris, his Fall/Winter 14/15 collection retains his characteristic structural elements sculpted to the human form whilst displaying a delicate and comfortable edge that would look equally at home on the Parisian streets as they might on a windswept cliff top at the edge of the world. Structural armor is balanced with an organic feel to make these designs a natural compliment to the human contour.

Coming from German and Iranian heritage, Saberi grew up in Bavaria with his parents who were both involved in the fashion industry, however, his chief influences hail from a youth lived through the urban cultures of hip-hop and skateboarding. He honed his craft through studying fashion in Barcelona, where he is now based. His eponymous label was launched in 2007, and he has been on the rise since. Not one for the rugged indie look of regular street skate clothing though, Saberi’s early love of couture has translated to a darker, more formal examination of urban couture that he describes as ‘dark hip-hop’. He extends the feel of his clothing in his current collection by introducing greys and whites to simultaneously retain the formality of the style while displaying an adventurous spirit, dashingly accompanied by his new line of urban daywear and backpacks under his ‘11’ label. The clear influences of neo-Gothic and industrial styling are given an astute haute couture edge by this designer acclaimed as one of the emerging forces in avant-garde menswear design.

Working from his atelier in Barcelona, Saberi has focused his runway shows on Paris, whilst his line of clothing is available in exclusive multi-line boutiques internationally. His designs sit comfortably with other exclusive menswear lines such as those of Carpe Diem and Rick Owens, whilst displaying a very intelligent European edge. Like those designers, Saberi has a focus on individually crafted elements, close attention to detail, and innovative use of layered natural materials. Glistening leather is cut through stridently with softer felt and cotton, aimed at displaying a kind of primitivism to the designs, whilst an urban finish is accomplished with the use of sterling silver and angular geometric patterns.

All Saberi’s designs are carefully hand made, in many cases cut to fit his own body, exemplifying his design philosophy of a spiritual journey as a shielded warrior,