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Aurellio Costarella's 14/15 collection debute

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week kicked off to a spectacular start with the first runway of the week leaving us breathless. Aurellio Costarellas new 14/15 collection debuted leaving us wanting more. The signature monochromatic colour pallet was interwoven with fresh hues of orange, greens and pink which complemented his personal aesthetic.

We have an exclusive backstage interview for all your fashion lovers coming soon in the 6th issue, on the 31st May. We can’t reveal to much just yet, but we know you will love it just as much as we do!


Humans of Maryland

Farzana Akther Alley

“I have not lived in Maryland that long, been here for five years in Laurel. I have been to the Baltimore harbor, it’s quite nice. I like art because I help my son with his art and he is very good at it. The thing that I miss is my country food, American food is OK but I love my country food better. I am originally from Bangladesh and sometimes miss it.”

Humans of Maryland

Mathew Says “I love Maryland. One of the places that I really enjoy doing is going to duckpin bowling because its’ a fun place to go and there are not that many people that know about it, which makes it even better. I am from Ellicott City Maryland and have been living here for quite some time. Baltimore is really nice because that area is just filled with creative art and culture. It’s more hip and upbeat then any other place.”

Humans of Maryland

“We love Maryland because of the atmosphere and the people are so nice here. I am from Laurel Maryland where you see people everyday. we love going to Duckpin Bowling because it’s just a fun place to go and not that many people know about it.”- Carrie (mother)

“My mommy is having a baby!”-Aliya (Daughter)

“Yes we are having a baby, someone for her to play with while I relax”-Carrie

Humans of Maryland

Channel 2 reporter Amy Schneider is originally from Philly and been in Maryland for 6 months now.

“People in Maryland love their teams, the Ravens, and the Orioles. Maryland is one big family who stay together and that’s what I love about Maryland. I go running down at the harbor near the pier and it’s just so relaxing and nice over there. The one thing that you do see is diversity and when you come to Maryland, you can really tell that we have that. There are many different sections of Downtown Baltimore, from Federal Hill to Fells point, giving a true feeling of community. Maryland in general is just a nice place to be and I am enjoying myself here.”

Humans of Maryland

We had a great time talking to Bob, we asked him several questions on what he likes about Maryland. One of the answers that he gave was that he loved going to fashion shows and basically the art that surrounds Maryland.

“I really love the people here and the atmosphere of where we live, the food is great and I really enjoy it here. I have been here since 1997.”

Aberration 2013 Fall Edition

Aberration 2013 Fall Edition

Lighting Technique


OK for all of you guys who think that studio lighting helps with everything. This is all natural light using one reflector. This photo was taken during the afternoon leading into the evening. As you can see I did edit the lighting just a bit in Lightroom (the exposure) by 3%. Then I added some shadows and decrease the highlights. You might be asking why did I decrease the highlight and my answer to you is, why not? The sunn was at my 11 o’clock and her left hand on the white part of the sleeve was just too bright so I took that down just 1%. By the way I was shooting raw. That is pretty much all I did to the photo. So stay tuned for more lighting and camera techniques. Just remember that having a flash for everything is not bad but it is not good in some cases.

Aberration News

What Now?

What happens when you finally spent hours and weeks perfecting one photo? The answer to that……..You keep shooting until you have another image to perfect. Knowing that you have finally finished a photo has left an emptiness in you, the urge to go out right that minute you finish to shoot more. How many of you photographer feel that way? let me guess, the majority of you. no photographer can say that they never felt the urge to go out and shoot after editing, that’s like saying after I finish reading a book, I don’t have the urge to fall asleep. Then I would just be lying to myself. After perfecting an Image, I want to go shoot, I really do not care what it is, landscape, people, architect, or even macro. I JUST HAVE THE URGE! That can be a bad case of a disease that can be treated. All you need to do is go through all of your photos and find another photo to edit. I will guarantee you that the photo that you are looking for, “THE SOON TO BE PERFECT IMAGE”, will be there, and once you find it, you will be satisfied until you finish that photo and at that point, then you got out and do another shoot, take some photos.